Tours & Trips

One-day sailing trip

One-day sailing trip pick-up point is on Zapadna Obala (West Coast) at 10 AM. We sail towards island of Brač or Šolta (depending on the wind forecast for the day) where we anchor at one of the beautiful bays for lunch prepared and cooked on board, some wine and relaxation (swimming, sun bathing, snorkeling...). At about 3 PM we start our preparations for departure and we sail towards Split. Estimated time of arrival at Split harbour is at 5 PM. 

750kn (approx. €100) per person

Sunset sailing

Sunset sailing starts at 7 PM at the pick-up point on Zapadna Obala (West Coast) from where we sail trough the Brački Kanal (Channel of Brač) with a glass of wine and sunset view of the surrounding islands and distant city ligths with a glass of wine. ETA at Split Harbour is at 9 PM, just after the sunset. 

200kn (approx. €30) per person

Half-day sailing tours

Half-day sailing tours last from 10 AM until 2 PM or from 2 PM until 6 PM. Pick-up point is on Zapadna Obala (West Coast) from where we sail trough Brački Kanal (Channel of Brač) usually to the island of Čiovo (depending on the wind) with a stop at one of remote beaches of the island of Ciovo. After the stop we sail back to Split.

450kn (approx. €60) per person 

Deep Water Solo

Deep Water Solo is a rock climbing adventure starting at 10 AM with a sailing trip from the pick-up point on Zapadna Obala (West Coast) to the south side cliffs of the island of Čiovo. With advices and assistance of a rock climbing trainer, climbers can choose a variety of climbing routes ranging from 4-C to 9-A. Please do note that arrangements must be made with rock-climbing club in order to check availability of a professional trainer. ETA at Split harbour is at 2 AM. 

200kn (approx. €30) per person


Monday-Sunday 10:00 am - 9:00 pm


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Split... the final frontier. These are the voyages of the family company "Set Sails". Our mission is to explore the dalmatian archipelago, to seek new adventures and adventurers, to boldly sail where You have never sailed before.

Tired of everyday hustle? Had enough of the city noise? Need a "day off" from it all? We'll take You on a relaxing journey, away from all the racket, with nothing but the sounds of silence, sailing on the winds of change.